Installation of an alarm button in Kiev CTB offers installation services for an alarm button in educational, banking, commercial, government and other institutions. The panic button can be installed in private homes to increase security and instant response to invasions and other threats.

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Our advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Absolute protection
  • The best team
  • Digital protection
  • Reliability of storage
  • Ease of management

In places of large concentrations of people there is always the risk of danger to people or property. There may be abnormal situations to which an unskilled person cannot react correctly. In this case, the rapid response team will come to the rescue.

Before you set the alarm button, the central control unit specialists take into account various factors:

  • The total area of ​​the room, the number of rooms;
  • The location of furniture and material values;
  • The room layout, where key employees are located;
  • The type of alarm button

The panic button is stationary or mobile:

  • The stationary button is mounted in inconspicuous places, but taking into account that this place will be convenient for the employee. For example, under the counter for the seller or on the floor for the cashier.
  • The mobile button is usually a keychain that fits easily in a pocket. Such a key fob allows you to give an alarm at any place. Depending on the source data, the central control center specialists will recommend the version of the alarm button that suits you better. The signal transmitted from the button is received by the rapid response team. They arrive in a matter of minutes, armed and ready for any abnormal situation. This type of security can not be called the main, as it works best in conjunction with security alarms and video surveillance. The alarm button protects only when there are employees in the room. On weekends and during holidays, a different type of security system should be used.
Service cost: 3783 грн/міс


MyAlarm application

Today, our company uses a mobile application to work with alarms.

  • The convenience of use

    The convenience of use

    Disarm and arm objects directly from the application.

  • PUSH notifications

    PUSH notifications

    Receive push notifications about events and alarms on sites.

  • Always online

    Always online

    Keep up to date with what is happening on the objects online.

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