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Security alarm

Universal solution for reliable protection of any type of object – an alarm system that operates in automatic mode.

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Our advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Absolute protection
  • The best team
  • Digital protection
  • Reliability of storage
  • Ease of management

Protection by an alarm system is provided by sensors installed throughout the facility, different in the principle of operation:

  • Radio wave. Definition of a moving object.
  • Infrared. Aimed at recognizing movement.
  • Acoustic. They work on loud sounds, for example, the sound of breaking glass, the break of partitions.
  • Magnetic. React to the opening of doors or windows, break walls.
  • Combined. They combine several types of reaction to external “stimuli”.

Classification of security alarm depending on the type of object:

  • for a private house;
  • for an apartment in a high-rise building;
  • for the cottage;
  • for office space;
  • for the perimeter of a large or small area.

Installation of security alarm by the company “CTB”
The installation of an alarm system by the Technical Security Center at the customer’s site includes a set of measures:

  • Analysis of the specifics of the landscape or interior.
  • Identify likely threats and hazards.
  • Development of a special alarm project in accordance with the task and the wishes of the client.
  • Installing sensors around the perimeter and adjusting their sensitivity to avoid destructive positives.

CTB provides security equipment to the client for rent. We guarantee the competent installation of the actual types of sensors in your territory, which will ensure high efficiency of the protection of the object.
To clarify the current cost of services, please call +38 (044) 232-52-06, +38 (050) 440-43-05 or visit our office at Kiev, ul. Makeevskaya, 8.

Service cost: 3780 грн/міс


MyAlarm application

Today, our company uses a mobile application to work with alarms.

  • The convenience of use

    The convenience of use

    Disarm and arm objects directly from the application.

  • PUSH notifications

    PUSH notifications

    Receive push notifications about events and alarms on sites.

  • Always online

    Always online

    Keep up to date with what is happening on the objects online.

Приложение для телефона Securrity App

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