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Night guard post

We offer a service on the organization of a night post of protection of a stationary object of any level of complexity, in Kiev and Kiev region. The company CTB has a wide experience of security work and reliably ensures the security of the business, property and private life of clients at a high professional level.

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Our advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Absolute protection
  • The best team
  • Digital protection
  • Reliability of storage
  • Ease of management

What objects do we guard?
Our employees are ready to take under protection:

  • financial institutions;
  • trading enterprises;
  • construction objects, construction sites;
  • printing enterprises;
  • agricultural facilities;
  • mining companies;
  • commercial and industrial facilities;
  • objects of culture and science;
  • athletic facilities;
  • private houses and others.

Types of protection
Depending on the destination, the complexity of the objects and the type of stored material values, the company CTB is ready to carry out various types of security at night:

  • guards, equipped with special means;
  • armed guards;
  • watchmen.

The most common type of physical security is provided by guards, equipped with active defense and other special means (batons, shocker, handcuffs). As a rule, night posts of this type order shopping centers, construction sites, warehouses, bases.
A night post with armed guards is needed in places where significant material values ​​are concentrated. Such protection is often required by financial institutions, mining and processing enterprises, and other objects of large business.
If it is enough for an enterprise or an organization to ensure on its territory a throughput and intra-object regime during off-hours, it is enough to organize a night post with watchmen. Each employee of the company CTB undergoes regular physical and special training, training courses, theoretical and practical classes.
Time and schedule of protection of the object may be different. Payment for the service of the night guard post is set by the hour.


Service cost: 3780 грн/міс


MyAlarm application

Today, our company uses a mobile application to work with alarms.

  • The convenience of use

    The convenience of use

    Disarm and arm objects directly from the application.

  • PUSH notifications

    PUSH notifications

    Receive push notifications about events and alarms on sites.

  • Always online

    Always online

    Keep up to date with what is happening on the objects online.

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