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Who are we?

The company CTB will help you choose and buy a security alarm system, connect it to the console under round-the-clock surveillance. For each client, a flexible pricing policy is provided, which is formed taking into account the individual approach to the facility plan.

Our clients are about 2500 legal and physical persons, both state and non-state. Among them are the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Kiev City Administration, the Watsons and Nike stores, industrial enterprises, a network of gas stations, a network of jewelry stores Ukrzoloto, Berlin, Vertu, credit and financial institutions: Prominvestbank “, JSCB” New “,” Ekaterinoslavsky Commercial Bank “,” Ukrgazprombank “, OJSC CB” Expobank “, LLC” ClassicBank “, OJSC AKB” Concord “, OJSC” Apex-Bank “.

The security company “Center for Technical Security” provides physical security of its clients’ facilities at the expense of highly qualified professionals, who are equipped with the latest technology with all the allowed technical and special equipment in accordance with the current legislation of our country.
On the basis of modern equipment in our company, the Monitoring Center is deployed and operates, which covers the entire territory of Kiev and the region via radio, GSM, wired telephony, and provides coverage in the same way as a telecom operator via GSM.

Our age

Our company has been successfully operating in the security market for 14 years.

Number of objects

Our company provides its services in more than 4,000 objects.

The number of prevented thefts

During our existence, we have prevented more than 800 attempted thefts.

Customers about us

логотип humana

On behalf of Prominvestbank PJSC, we would like to thank you for your professional approach to organizing and implementing the protection of Prominvestbank facilities. PJSC "Prominvestbank" is satisfied with our partnership and hopes for further cooperation and mutual understandi

Director of the Department of PJSC "Prominvestbank" PJSC "Prominvestbank"

With this letter, “DP“ Humana Parapl to Parapl Ukraine ”informs that during the period of cooperation with LLC“ TsTB ”this company managed to establish itself as a professional and reliable partner.

“DP“ Humana Parapl to Parapl Ukraine ” “DP“ Humana Parapl to Parapl Ukraine ”