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Video monitoring

Connecting a video surveillance system at a facility of any type is one of the main stages in the organization of a fundamental security complex. A variety of territories and premises are subject to protection: industrial, office, warehouse, parking, etc.

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Our advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Absolute protection
  • The best team
  • Digital protection
  • Reliability of storage
  • Ease of management

The most common modern video recording devices that support digital protocols:

  • DVR. Reception of information from cameras is conducted through a coaxial cable. Cameras can be of any type. For remote access, the device itself must support this function.
  • NVR. Compatible with various types of third-party devices. It works remotely from the cameras: the video is transmitted over the established network. Hardware functions through LAN ports and network interfaces, as a rule, wireless: it receives, analyzes, records and demonstrates. You can view the recording on the monitor or remotely.
  • HDVR. Universal, “hybrid” device. It is combined with digital and analog equipment. Able to record simultaneously from cameras of various types.
  • PC-based DVR. Video recorders of “computer” type: special software, video capture card and PC. Convenient to use, flexible in the settings, depend on the reliability of the computer and its operating system.

The advantages of these systems: Transmit data over various types of networks: local or global. You can conduct remote video surveillance on a personal computer. To use, you need to have two things: IP address for connection and special software for viewing. Optimal when guarding large-scale and small objects. Security services of the security company “TSB” Complex of services for the installation of video surveillance “Technical Security Center” on Yunchaet: Initial client consultation on the most effective video surveillance system at a specific site. Developing an individual camera installation plan, taking into account “vulnerabilities” and places that need constant monitoring. Installation of any video surveillance system: DVR, NVR, HDVR, PC-based DVR. Setting up the system after its installation. Detailed consultation of the responsible staff on the application of the installed video surveillance. The security video surveillance systems installed by CTB work efficiently, reliably, and durably. We guarantee that the entire perimeter of the object will be under the vigilant eye of the cameras, and the quality of tracking will be provided by the customer’s security staff. To find out the current cost of services, please call +38 (044) 232-52-06, +38 (050) 440-43 -05 or visit our office at Kiev, st. Makeevskaya, 8.

Service cost: 3780 грн/міс


MyAlarm application

Today, our company uses a mobile application to work with alarms.

  • The convenience of use

    The convenience of use

    Disarm and arm objects directly from the application.

  • PUSH notifications

    PUSH notifications

    Receive push notifications about events and alarms on sites.

  • Always online

    Always online

    Keep up to date with what is happening on the objects online.

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