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Remote monitoring of fire alarms

Fire Surveillance is a universal complex of monitoring computer-communication means, providing round-the-clock surveillance of fire alarm systems and timely transmission of information to the monitoring console about the danger. Fire alarm together with surveillance is effective at any objects: houses, apartments, office and commercial premises, industrial enterprises.

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Our advantages

  • Modern technology
  • Absolute protection
  • The best team
  • Digital protection
  • Reliability of storage
  • Ease of management

Console fire surveillance includes:

  • Installation of automatic fire alarm (AFA) after a detailed study of the features of the territory and the development of an optimal installation scheme.
  • Connection of AFA to the fire protection console.
  • Conduct round the clock remote monitoring of the fire situation at the facility.
  • Instant alarm transmission to the monitoring station and to the fire department dispatch center for quick response.

Immediate informing the customer about the occurrence of a dangerous situation at the facility.
Console fire surveillance from the company “CTB”
“CTB” offers a service of monitoring the fire alarm system. Features of the service from the company “CTB”:

  • Object monitoring 24/7 in real time.
  • Acceptance of “Fire” and “System Failure” signals.
  • Rapid departure of the rapid response team from the company to eliminate breakdowns, and in the event of a fire – the arrival of the team of the State
  • Emergency Service to eliminate the fire.
  • The autonomy of the company’s fire control panel with powerful uninterruptible power supply units allows it to function successfully in the event of unforeseen situations.
  • Design and installation of fire protection systems are carried out in accordance with Ukrainian regulatory documents.
  • Service of sensors of the fire-fighting system – extinguishing, smoke removal, ventilation, warning.

Compliance with the complete confidentiality of information when performing any type of work.
Remote monitoring of fire alarms from the professionals of the Technical Safety Center is high efficiency, quality control of automatic fire systems, timely elimination of breakdowns and warning in case of fire, as well as a significant reduction in the response time of fire departments to the dangerous situation.

Service cost: 3780 грн/міс


MyAlarm application

Today, our company uses a mobile application to work with alarms.

  • The convenience of use

    The convenience of use

    Disarm and arm objects directly from the application.

  • PUSH notifications

    PUSH notifications

    Receive push notifications about events and alarms on sites.

  • Always online

    Always online

    Keep up to date with what is happening on the objects online.

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